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Base module

Every module is composed of :

  • two trolley sliding tracks extruded in aluminium
  • one drive unit removable from the outside; one tension unit
  • one endless steelcord belt with double toothing
  • one slide guide, in synthetic material, for the belt support
  • two trolleys linked by a load bar.

Every trolley has four wheels, two guide rollers and a toothed sliding block which works in conjunction with the driving belt.

Operating principles

The T.T.S.® handling system is composed of a group of modules used for motion transmission and load support.

The transport is effected using couples of connected trolleys.

Every module has a driving belt.

The motion is guaranteed by the coupling of the sliding block with the driving belt.

The transfer from one module to the other is effected by means of a sliding block, always held on a belt, whose function is either of push or pull.

Structural features

The horizontal curves, the switches, the vertical curves for inclines and declines are placed in the space free from the motion transmission and between two consecutive modules.

These components are not functionally critical as they are simply elements of transit.

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